Netherlands to supply Ukraine with two Patriot missile systems

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The Pentagon pledges to support “Patriot” systems after they are delivered to Ukraine

Follow – consciousThe Pentagon announced its intention to contract with Raytheon Technologies to provide technical support and maintenance for the Patriot systems that Washington will deliver to Ukraine. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram A post on the Pentagon’s bidding website stated that, at the same time, other companies are encouraged … Read more

US announces shipment of Patriot missiles to Ukraine for the first time – USA – International

The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinkannounced on Wednesday a new military aid package for Ukraine from 1,850 million dollars that for the first time includes the Patriot anti-aircraft defense system. (Also read: Zelensky travels to the US to meet with Biden and give a speech in Congress) The leader of US diplomacy made … Read more