Clippers vs. Nets: Cameron Thomas Injury Update and Game Recap

2023-11-09 05:22:09 Cam Thomas limps off the court with an ankle injury ? — BenMuse (@BenSimmons_Muse) November 9, 2023 The Clippers, ushering in the four-star era, did not get off to a smooth start. Although the Nets’ scoring leader Cameron Thomas left the game early due to an ankle sprain, luckily Lonnie Walker stepped … Read more

James Harden’s Clippers Debut: Big Four Collapses in Final Quarter against Knicks

2023-11-07 06:56:15 The Big Four teamed up, Harden scored 17 points and 6 assists in his debut, and the Clippers collapsed in the final quarter and lost to the Knicks.AFP James Harden had 17 points and 6 assists in his Clippers debut. The Clippers eventually lost to the Knicks 97-111. The Knicks are at home … Read more

James Harden Joins Los Angeles Clippers’ Big Four: Trade Details, Player Analysis, and More

2023-10-31 08:31:37 James Harden joins the Clippers’ Big Four. (Photo/Dazhi Image Associated Press) ESPN’s well-known reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers have agreed to trade star guard James Harden to the Los Angeles Clippers, and will team up with Paul George and Leonard (Kawhi Leonard) and Russell Westbrook (Russell Westbrook) formed the … Read more

Shocking Education: Clippers’ Senior Players Dominate Spurs’ No. 1 Pick Victor Wembanyama

2023-10-30 07:41:15 Reporter Zhang Peijia/Comprehensive Report The Clippers’ three seniors gave a shocking education to Spurs No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama. (Picture/reproduced from Spurs X) The biggest highlight of the Spurs this year is that they have the “number one pick in the draft” Victor Wembanyama. From the preseason to the start of the season, … Read more