Update 22 points Walk in, 3 needles vaccination, 4 provinces. Chonburi “Pfizer Vaccine” Astra

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Vaccination “Moderna” for free, including the latest, including registration – Walk in

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“Doctor Thira” compares the efficiency All 4 covid-19 vaccine brands

However, studying in Singapore point out that mRNA vaccines appear to be more effective than inactivated vaccines. both in defenseinfectionand protectionsevere illness …however It must … Read more

The Ministry of Public Health responded to the cause of a 12-year-old boy who died after injecting Pfizer. Confirm that the vaccine is not related

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Quick check, Siriraj opens the booking queue for Pfizer vaccination needles 1-4 via the app today!

4.In the case of needle 4 (PZ4), this includes people who have received Sinovaccin or Sinofarm vaccines 1 and 2 and Pfizer 3 for at … Read more