I want you to say that this is the best “Diablo” – “Diablo IV” developer interview | Gamer

The “Diablo” series boasts tremendous popularity as a quarter-view hack and slash monument. From March 18th to 21st Japan time, early access to the open beta for pre-orderers will be implemented. In addition, the open beta production, which anyone can participate in, is scheduled to be held on March 25, Japan time. If you are … Read more

Korea-Japan summit, unprecedented “two dinners” after talks on 16th | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo

ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2023.03.14 07:07 It was revealed on the 13th that President Yoon Seok-yeol, who will visit Japan on the 16th of this month, will have two dinners with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in the evening of the same day. It is unprecedented for the leaders of South Korea and … Read more

The RPG “G-MODE Archives 47 12 GEMs” that saves the world with the power hidden in 12 types of GEMs will be distributed for Switch! |Gamer

“12GEMs (Twelve Gems)” is an RPG that uses the power hidden in 12 types of GEM (jewels) and travels while summoning partners sealed in each GEM. The story begins with Ganseld, an aerial castle that floats in the sky with the power of GEM. The people living in Ganzeld considered themselves to be a chosen … Read more

Summary of the latest game application information such as new smartphone game applications and pre-registration March 11, 2023 issue | Gamer

New smartphone game app The latest smartphone game app just released. Download the hot new game app that is popular with many players and enjoy it now! Engage Kill – This demon extermination is our new experience. “Engage Kill” is a smartphone game from the completely original project “Project Engage” by Fumiaki Maruto and Tsunako. … Read more

Kobe tops the list with 3 straight wins at the opening J1, Nagoya’s first loss | | National news

J1, Nagoya’s first loss 2023/03/04 18:04 Kobe-G Osaka In the second half, Kobe Sakai-Noesta scored the second goal of the match. On the final day of the 3rd section of Meiji Yasuda J1 (4th, Noevir Stadium Kobe, etc. = 8 games), Kobe beat Gamba Osaka 4-0 with Sakai’s two goals and Osako’s goal, and took … Read more

US pressuring China “ Sanctions and alliances also participate if weapons are provided to Russia ” … What should South Korea do | Joongang Ilbo | JoongAng Ilbo

ⓒ JoongAng Ilbo / JoongAng Ilbo Japanese version2023.03.03 09:29 The US government has been pressuring China day after day by telling it not to cross the red line. It is a warning message that if we provide weapons to Russia, we will impose strong sanctions. Reuters reported on the 1st (local time) that the US … Read more