Richarlison wins the award for the best goal in the Qatar World Cup 2022

Posted in: 24/12/2022 – 16:05 The goal scored by Brazilian Richarlison from a scissor against Serbia in the first match of the two teams in the Qatar 2022 World Cup won the award for the most beautiful goal in the tournament, according to what was announced by the International Federation of Football Associations. Richarlison won … Read more

imprinted.! Football fans around the world vote for Richarlison as the best goal of the World Cup.

Brazil forward Richarlison Has been voted by people all over the world that Be the best scorer of the 2022 FIFA World Cup tournament. Striker Richarlisonbrazil national team Able to win the hearts of people around the world from the vote as the best goal scorer of the tournament World Cup 2022 From the aerial … Read more

enough!! Onana announces retirement from Cameroon after conflict with Xiong pulls out of World Cup

Andre Onana, goalkeeper of the Cameroon national team Decided to retire from playing for the national team After falling out with coach Ricober Song, he withdrew from the squad midway through the 2022 World Cup. Andre Onana outpostCameroon national teamInter Milan announced their retirement from the national team via social media on December 23 following … Read more

The controversial play of the final that the VAR saw as a penalty and then backed down

It was the 87th minute of the World Cup final between Argentina and France, with the score 2-2. Over there, Marcus Thuram dropped into the albiceleste area due to a contact that existed with the right leg of Enzo Fernández. The referee whistled and the first impression of the fans was the maximum penaltybut it … Read more

What a little face Lloris and Griezmann put on! The video when Karim Benzema returned to the French National Team – Fox Sports

Karim Benzema went to Qatar World Cupbut he did not play for a single minute because he was out due to a quadriceps problem, with a detail that was discussed until the day of the Final that France lost against Argentina: Since nobody replaced him, there was the possibility of his return just to the … Read more

‘Why are Argentine soccer players so hateful?’, the questionMediotiempo

three days after Argentina crowned World Champion for the third time in its history, after defeating the Final from Qatar 2022 a Francewhat continues to steal note are the excessive festivities of the South American selected. Above all, Emiliano “Drawing” Martinezwho had reactions like that gesture of taking the Gold Glove to the noble parties, … Read more