Messi, 36.7% of the votes when running for president of Argentina → likely to win (opinion poll)

[골닷컴] Reporter Kim Dong-ho = When Lionel Messi runs for the presidential election in Argentina, it is highly likely that he will win the election with the number one vote. French media ‘Le Parisien’ said on the 28th (Korean time), “An Argentinian research company conducted a small poll on Messi,” and “44% of 2,500 people … Read more

World Cup Qatar 2022: can the Argentina vs. France final be repeated due to match-fixing? This says FIFA | France asks to repeat final | Replay of the World Cup final | Argentina vs. France | World Cup Qatar 2022

The Albiceleste is the champion of the World Cup Qatar 2022 and continues to celebrate, but more than 200,000 fans of the gala selection demand the repetition of the final between Argentina vs. Franceby collecting signatures on the website of petitions for MesOpinions. Despite the fact that some time has passed since the definition of … Read more

Szymon Marciniak, referee of the World Cup final between Argentina and France, and the forceful response to the claims of the French | Lionel Messi | rmmd dtbn video | WORLD

The final of the World between Argentina y France continues to have repercussions. A few days ago the French newspaper L’Équipe pointed out that Lionel Messi’s second goal, the one that gave the South Americans the lead 3-2, had to be annulled due to interference into the field of the Albiceleste substitutes. The newspaper did … Read more

Graeme Souness’s severe criticism of Dibu Martínez! – Fox Sports

The Scottish former player Graeme Souness he went with everything against Emiliano ‘Drawing’ Martinezafter the celebration with his award for the best goalkeeper in the world, when he placed the trophy on his genitals. “Are there really people who find something like this funny? Martinez embarrassed himself and embarrassed his country. He looked like a … Read more

In France they ask to play the 2022 World Cup final against Argentina again due to referee errors and gather hundreds of thousands of signatures | VIDEO RMMD DTBN | WORLD

Unusual. After several days of playing the final of the World Cup Qatar 2022in France they still can’t get over losing to Argentina and they have been gathering hundreds of thousands of signatures to request FIFA to repeat the match. This is due to arbitration errors made by the shortlist led by the Pole Szymon … Read more

The controversial play of the final that the VAR saw as a penalty and then backed down

It was the 87th minute of the World Cup final between Argentina and France, with the score 2-2. Over there, Marcus Thuram dropped into the albiceleste area due to a contact that existed with the right leg of Enzo Fernández. The referee whistled and the first impression of the fans was the maximum penaltybut it … Read more