Beware, Eagles: since 2000, of the last undefeated teams in each season only one has won the Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles appear to be the best team in the NFLand their undefeated 8-0 record proves it. With an outstanding season up to Round 9, the team led by Jalen Hurts is perhaps the great favorite to reach the Super Bowl on the NFCbut there is a statistic that plays against them: From 2000 … Read more

Canelo Alvarez out of the NFL in Mexico? Grupo Firme will perform at halftime of the MNF game

Mexico will host Monday Night Football on November 21 with the confrontation between the san francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals. In addition to the sporting spectacle that this event will offer, a musical show will be performed by firm groupwho became world famous for being the band that ran the Quinceaera party of the … Read more

Grupo Firme at risk of missing Monday Night Football in Mexico due to health problems of its vocalist?

This Sunday the alarms went off for the halftime show of the Monday Night Football game to be held in Mexico City this Monday, in the return of the NFL to this country, after two years of absence. The reason? Eduin Casethe vocalist of firm groupappeared on his social networks with an oxygen mask. The … Read more

Canelo makes peace with Grupo Firme? The Mexican boxer visited Azteca Stadium for MNF in Mexico City

After three years of waiting due to the COVID-19 pandemicthis Monday the NFL returned to Mexico with a regular season game. Once again, the Aztec Stadium will host the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers, the same teams that played the first game of its kind outside the United States in 2005. What did … Read more

49ers 38-10 Cardinals: Monday Night ‘Fiesta’ in Mexico City as 49ers completely dominate Cardinals for NFC West lead

The san francisco 49ers were technically the visiting team on Monday Night Football that ended week 11 of the NFL, but the reality was completely different because when the NFL returned after three years of absence to the Azteca Stadium the fans turned out to support the “Team from the Bay” that arrived in Mexico … Read more

ESPN horror stories in Mexico City: Lisa Salters soaked, Adam Schefter ‘kidnapped’

During the Monday Night Football broadcast from the Aztec Stadium in Mexico City, ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters had to tolerate the heavy rain without an umbrella. Salters, 56, is a trail blazer when it comes to women reporters in sports and she never shies away from the elements. It’s not the first time Salters … Read more