Hans-Georg Maaßen received stock options from Augustus Intelligence

Hans-Georg Maassen After a stopover at Augustus Intelligence, Maaßen now wants to gain a foothold as a CDU politician in Thuringia. (Photo: dpa) San Francisco The former head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and CDU Bundestag candidate Hans-Georg Maaßen was more closely associated with the start-up Augustus Intelligence than previously known. … Read more

CPALL issues a large lot of debentures, 66 thousand million baht, interest 3.00-4.20%, offer for sale 11-15

CP All Public Company Limited (CPALL) filed a registration statement with the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the issuance and offering of debentures of the Company No. 2/21, a total of 7 sets, total The value does not exceed 66 billion baht as follows: The first set is offered for sale … Read more

Dax takes a breather – low trading numbers cause Bitcoin to crash

Düsseldorf After a record high the day before, the German stock market is taking a breather. With the daily high of 15,727 points, the leading index was close to the record high that was reached yesterday Monday with 15,732 digits. In the US, Tuesday yesterday was a happy trading day for the winning stocks of … Read more

US SEC warns Tesla of breach of deal, won’t oversee Elon Musk tweets

The US SEC has warned Tesla against overseeing Elon Musk’s tweets as part of the deal, allowing it to repeatedly post “breaking the rules”. clear violation of court order Elon Musk The billionaire owner of the electric car company Tesla That is known to move, it becomes something to watch. Especially about crypto that Elon … Read more

SEC indicted five Bitconnect promoters

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has indicted Trevon Brown, Craig Grant, Ryan Maasen and Michael Noble. The authorities consider them to be promoters of the fraudulent cryptocurrency project Bitconnect. SEC charges U.S. promoters of $2 billion global crypto lending securities offering. Learn more: https://t.co/ZKkl9ZVmlR — SEC_News (@SEC_News) May 28, 2021 According to the … Read more

Climate protection: Big Oil – Shell & Co. have to reinvent themselves

New York, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Zurich, Frankfurt The news for the global oil companies could hardly be worse: activist investors have been increasing the pressure on the US company for days Exxon Mobile; the fossil-loyal International Energy Agency calls for an investment freeze for new oil and gas projects; and a court in The Hague obliges … Read more