servers taken offline after malware was reported

2023-07-30 18:30:59 The servers for the 2009 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were recently temporarily taken offline. Players of this classic have reported finding themselves in some peculiar hacked waiting rooms. The consequence of this attack is not a settings reset or anything mean annoying. No, users find themselves infected by a … Read more

What is a virtual machine?

2023-07-16 23:25:00 We live in an era where technology permeates all spheres of our lives, facilitating various tasks and enabling an exponential growth of human knowledge. One of these technological advances that has been gaining prominence in recent years are Virtual Machines (VMs). In the context of information technology, the term “virtual machine” may seem … Read more

Tourist Scammed with 400 Euro Lobster Dish on Mykonos Vacation: The DK Oyster Bar Controversy

2023-06-06 17:41:00 No it was not a mistake. However, when the waiters handed him the bill, Oscar thought it was a miscalculation. The 34-year-old was vacationing in Mykonos with his boyfriend and decided to stop by a well-known bar on the island, DK Oyster. of videos The couple had been attracted by the offer of … Read more