Dog Eat Dog – Free Radicals – Album Review

2023-10-31 07:00:14 Dog Eat Dog – Free RadicalsOrigin: USARelease: 20.10.2023Label: Metalville Record LabelLength of time: 43:56Genre: Crossover / Hardcore After what feels like an eternity, the crossover heroes are Dog Eat Dog back with their new album Free Radicals. The opener Lit Up Grooves straight away and impresses with a sing-along chorus and a good … Read more

Of The Muses – Senhal – Album Review

2023-11-01 07:00:29 Of The Muses – SenhalOrigin: ItalyRelease: 03.11.2023Label: My Kingdom MusicDuration: 42:12Genre: Blackgaze / Avantgarde We have heard and heard powerful statements of female power that span a wide spectrum between desperation, love and longing. It’s pleasing to see the demands of the Italian multi-instrumentalist Cristina Rombi her blackgaze project Of The Muses musically. … Read more

WarWolf – Asked by Andreas von Lipinski – Interview

2023-11-02 07:00:04 WarWolf have with The Apocalyptic Waltz Delivered a second album very quickly and of high quality. While the band has presented the album on stage several times, one good review after another continues to come in. So much positive feedback was given to the singer Andreas von Lipinski to talk about the differences … Read more

Satan´s Fall – Destination Destruction – Album Review

2023-11-03 07:00:18 Satan´s Fall – Destination DestructionOrigin: Helsinki / FinlandRelease: 03.11.2023Label: SteamhammerDuration: 44:05Genre: Heavy Metal Photo Credit: Toni Salminen Heavy metal has only been declared dead, but has never been anywhere near dead. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that a new generation is increasingly pushing in front of the speakers. Although these bands all rely on … Read more

Game Over – Hellframes – Album Review

2023-10-25 06:00:38 Game Over – HellframesOrigin: ItalyRelease: 20.10.2023Label: Scarlet RecordsDuration: 42:58Genre: Thrash Metal Photo Credit: Elisa Catozzi Crashing riffs, blaring vocals and an invitation to headbang for hours – that’s what you usually expect from a good Thrash Metal band. But that’s not all you can get out of this genre Game Over prove their … Read more

Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part One – Album Review

2023-10-26 08:30:21 Sky Empire – The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part OneOrigin: UKRelease: 27.10.2023Label: ViciSolum RecordsDuration: 01:05:30Genre: Progressive Metal / Progressive Rock / Hard Rock Photo Credit: Vivian Castro The British progressive metal band Sky Empire is back after five years with its follow-up work The Shifting Tectonic Plates of Power – Part … Read more

Pattern-Seeking Animals – Spooky Action At A Distance – Album Review

2023-10-23 06:00:12 Pattern-Seeking Animals – Spooky Action At A DistanceOrigin: Los Angeles / USARelease: 27.10.2023Label: Inside Out MusicDuration: 01:01:08Genre: Progressive Rock Photo Credit: Kristina Bakrevsky “Haven’t heard anything from the Spock’s Beard camp in a long time”, that’s what popped into my head a few days ago. The last output I know of was last … Read more

GOAD – Titania – Album Review

2023-10-20 08:30:33 GOAD – TitaniaOrigin: ItalyRelease: 20.10.2023Label: My Kingdom MusicDuration: 01:20:06Genre: Progressive Rock And another Italo Prog legend wants to show that they are far from being a thing of the past. GOAD are more or less a project by the Italian Maurilio Rossi. While the first two decades were relatively manageable, since the 1990s … Read more