Delta is super poisonous!Use the desks and chairs where the confirmed person has sat 2 male college students still get the virus while wearing masks

Delta mutant strains are raging, and the number of confirmed cases worldwide is rising rapidly. It was reported in South Korea that two college students were infected with Delta without contact with the confirmed person. After the epidemic investigation, it was found that the two had been infected by using the same table and chair … Read more

Mir “Sister Go Eun-ah, ‘We Got Married’ was canceled and cried at dawn… I can’t forget it”

Photo = Captured from YouTube channel ‘Bangane’ Singer Mir revealed the story behind her sister Go Eun-ah’s ‘We Got Married’ content. On the 11th, on the YouTube channel ‘Bangane’, a vlog video of Go Eun-ah and three siblings visiting a restaurant was uploaded. In the video, Mir, who arrived at a cafe with her sisters, … Read more

“I regret forcing you to have an abortion… I will raise the family register” Kim Yong-geon ‘premarital pregnancy’ Dramatic agreement with Mr. A

News 1 Actor Kim Yong-geon (76) reached a dramatic agreement with Mr. A, who is 39 years younger than him, who is known to be pregnant before marriage. According to Dispatch on the 12th, Kim Yong-gun met Mr. A in Seoul last week and talked for about an hour and a half to confirm their … Read more

Is Kim Jong-un healthy? Expert: Only 15 people in the world know | International | Newtalk

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un. (Information photo) Picture: Retrieved from the website of North Korea Central News Agency North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health issues have always been the focus of global attention. Recently, the media found that a piece of flesh-colored medical tape was attached to the back of his head. Therefore, … Read more

120 pieces of 1kg spinach!South Korea’s food price increase in the second quarter ranks third in the OECD

Summary [120 pieces of 1kg spinach! South Korea’s food price increase in the second quarter ranks third in the OECD]According to the South Korean “Asia Daily” Weibo on August 9, the increase in food prices in South Korea reached a record high in the second quarter of this year, the highest level in the past … Read more