School Panic: Two Students Cause Chaos with Toy Weapons

2023-09-04 14:47:24 Two students sow panic in their school with a weapon: the police forced to intervene… it was actually a toy! Sudinfo.beTwo young people seen playing with weapons in a school in Saint-Trond: the police arrive 7sur7Flanders: the police intervene after the intrusion of individuals in a school with dummy weapons The eveningThe police … Read more

Terrifying Altercation in Namur: Exclusive Images and Videos

2023-08-11 18:31:37 These are images that frightened many Namur residents. On Wednesday, a crazed driver sowed terror during a violent altercation with several individuals. Four people, including Rustam, the driver, were deprived of their liberty on Wednesday. of videos Exclusively, we were able to get in touch with his wife, present during the altercation and … Read more

1. “Homeless Woman Sparks Safety Concerns Near Duden Park in Forest: Residents Call for Help” 2. “Security Threat in Forest: Homeless Woman Creates Fear Near Duden Park” 3. “SDF Behavior Raises Alarm in Forest: Residents Seek Assistance” 4. “SDF Nightmare: Homeless Woman’s Disturbing Actions Cause Fear in Forest” 5. “Insecurity near Parc Duden: Troublesome SDF Woman Creates Chaos” 6. “Helpless Residents: Forest Community Seeks Help in Dealing with Troubled SDF Woman” 7. “Unsettling Situation: Homeless Woman in Forest Prompts Concern” 8. “Forest’s Safety Concerns: Disturbed SDF Woman Raises Alarm among Residents” 9. “SDF Troubles in Forest: Residents Struggle with Disturbing Homeless Woman” 10. “Duden Park: Residents Fear for Safety Due to Troubled SDF Woman”

2023-08-09 04:37:00 A homeless woman has been living a nightmare since the beginning of the year in Forest around Duden Park. Several residents of rue des Alliés and avenue des Tropiques feel helpless in the face of the behavior of the SDF and call for help. “My wife and other tenants have already come across … Read more

Family Terrorizes the Cité Bellevue in Baileux: Residents Fear for Their Lives

2023-07-20 03:00:00 A family stirs up trouble in the Cité Bellevue in Baileux. Back to the wall, the residents let out a cry of distress. To get an idea of ​​their daily life, we went there. This anguish, we could feel it. The Cité Bellevue in Baileux. -DR When we arrived, we were able to … Read more

Dramatic Rivalry between Hells Angels and Bandidos: Chaos Unleashed in Péronnes

2023-07-17 04:44:39 The dramatic facts that occurred this Saturday morning around 1 a.m. at the marquee of Péronnes, in the Antoing entity, were still on everyone’s lips this Sunday in the Tournai region. A settling of scores between two rival bands, namely the Hells Angels and the Bandidos, spoiled the party organized by the FJA, … Read more

“Trouble at Ghent’s Leisure Area: Young People from Brussels Cause Disturbances and Thefts”

2023-05-28 18:10:01 A group of young people from Brussels caused disturbances this Sunday afternoon at the leisure area of ​​Ghent, a week after its opening. Shortly after their arrival, there were already first reports of nuisance, says HLN. “The young people of Brussels sought confrontation with other visitors, which created a tense atmosphere”, write our … Read more