Home colors | A strong geomagnetic storm slammed into Earth today … Learn the details

​ The Astronomical Society in Jeddah announced that the Earth is facing a strong polar geomagnetic storm, class G3, as a result of a very fast solar storm. Active spot in the northern half According to a statement by the Astronomical Society, there is an active spot in the northern half of the sun’s disk … Read more

Lightning decapitates occupants of a van

Monday, May 10, 2021 at 5:44 PM – Lightning injured occupants of a pickup truck by propelling a huge chunk of asphalt directly into the vehicle’s windshield. Striking images bear witness to the incident. A horrific incident occurred in the early morning of May 10 in Florida. Shortly after 7:30 am, Walton County emergency services … Read more

Here’s how an Ingenuity flight resonates, live from Mars

Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 10:13 AM – Despite being around 225 million kilometers away from us, NASA’s Martian exploration team, made up of the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity mini-helicopter, are still on the move. chain discoveries and firsts. The most recent to date: recording the sound of Ingenuity’s blades in flight. 1% is … Read more

Theater and History

Julius bravoFOLLOW, CONTINUE Updated:05/07/2021 00:31h Keep ‘Shock 2. The storm and the war’Valle-Inclán Theater, Madrid A theater performance is not a history book. You are not required to present the facts as they were or to exhibit neutrality. You can illuminate those aspects that suit your story and hide those others that hinder it.You have, … Read more

The most destructive storm, the house collapsed – the ship sank. The mother hugged the corpse of the 7-year-old child to the chest.

stormThunderstorm, house collapsed, took a boat to escape, the boat was drowned, the mother hugged the 7-year-old child to her chest in the middle of the water, hoping to save the life of the child, but not in time MedianewsReported that today (May 6) at 7:30 am. Sakhla Samut Prakan Police Station was informed that … Read more