Congress Pushes for More Peruvian Public Universities in Collaboration with Ministry of Education and Rosendo Serna

Congress is currently reviewing 35 projects for the creation of new universities, and in just under two years, lawmakers have introduced proposals for at least 40 public universities. These proposals range from direct creation of new institutions to adaptations of existing institutes and declarative initiatives. However, with the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu) … Read more

Sunedu: these are the 100 countries that accept the Peruvian university degree | Society

Sunedu points out that Peruvian university degrees can be recognized in the countries with which our nation has signed an agreement. Photo: Diffusion The National Superintendency of Higher University Education (Sunedu) indicated that citizens who have a university degree will be able to work legally in more than 100 countries. Working abroad is the dream … Read more

University Law | The TC excuses itself and says that its ruling “modulates” the law that weakens Sunedu | Congress | Constitutional Court | university licensing | Society

Five of six magistrates of the Constitutional Court (TC) agreed to declare the lawsuit filed by 33 congressmen unfounded against the law that weakens the Sunedu and incorporates in its board of directors members chosen by the rectors themselves. With this decision, the tribunes endorsed his constitutionality and they enabled their application. Among them is … Read more

Best universities in Peru: know the 10 best houses of study | Sunedu | Society

When it comes to choosing the best option to continue your undergraduate studies, it is difficult to decide between so many alternatives. Luckily, he ranking of the 32 best universities in Peruprepared by the National Superintendence of University Education (Sunedu), will help you in that process. In this note from The Republic we present you … Read more

Sunedu: how the latest ruling of the Constitutional Court violates the university reform | congress | telesup | peruvian wings | cesar vallejo university | LIME

Last Tuesday night, the TC reported that it declared the claim against the Ley 31520, called “Law that restores the autonomy and institutionality of Peruvian universities”; and article 32 of the Legislative Decree 1451. The aforementioned law, which recomposes the board of directors Sunedu to include representatives of universities in the task of supervising and … Read more

Sunedu: TC declares unfounded the claim of unconstitutionality against the law that modifies the Board of Directors

The Constitutional Court (TC) declared unfounded the claim of unconstitutionality against Law 31520, a rule that modifies the Board of Directors of the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu), which was presented by 25% of the legal number of congressmen against the Congress of the Republic and the Executive Power. “The lawsuit was presented … Read more