Lost ID Card on Mount Tai: The Costly Conundrum and Amazing Journey

2023-07-20 07:27:31 A woman went to Mount Tai to watch the sunrise but lost her ID card. When she returned home, she found that reissuing was more expensive than mailing it. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Mountaineering is fun for some people, but it may be a burden for others. Recently, a woman from Shandong, … Read more

How to Get Rich: Insights from Sunrise Capital’s Daria Heisiph and Thomas Niss

2023-07-03 19:33:16 07/03/2023, 2421 characters HEAR: https://audio-cd.at/page/podcast/4491/ Episode 5 is about the question “How do I get rich?”, which Daria Heisiph from Sunrise Capital discusses with her boss Thomas Niss with good arguments on both sides. The bottom line is: everything is no longer so easy, but it works. I stand with JFK at a … Read more

Stormy Miami Weather: High Probability of Afternoon Rain and Severe Storms

2023-06-09 15:45:54 MIAMI.- Abundant humidity and flow of the prevailing west wind remain over our area. Both conditions will combine to keep the probability of rain and storms high, mainly for the afternoon hours. The Storm Prediction Center places our Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties in the first level of severe weather risk, so … Read more

“Florida Weather Update: Potential for Flooding and Thunderstorms Until Saturday”

2023-05-31 11:53:53 MIAMI.- Throughout the week our weather pattern will be controlled by a zone of low pressure in the middle and high levels of the atmosphere that is located over the Gulf of Mexico, which is being monitored by the National Hurricane Center that attributes a 20% chance of cyclonic formation in 7 days. … Read more

“South Florida Weather: High Probability of Rain and Potential for Flooding This Week”

2023-05-30 11:13:10 MIAMI.- This Tuesday the weather conditions will be changing in South Florida, giving way to days with a high probability of rain. Abundant moisture over the region will guarantee that the rain and storm coverage will begin to increase as soon as this afternoon, with accumulations that until Friday morning could be reaching … Read more

“Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe: Using Gravitational Waves to Explore Astronomical Objects”

2023-05-02 04:53:33 Gravitational waves can be used as a tool to look inside astronomical objects, similar to the way X-rays or MRIs allow us to see inside a human body. Is it possible to discover the interior of the sun! Scientists hope to discover new ways to discover the universe that surrounds us, which still … Read more