When breast cancer runs in the family: tracking down risk genes

There are families in which cancer is more prevalent – this is particularly true of breast and ovarian cancer. Gene mutations that are passed on to the offspring are responsible for this. A research team is currently investigating which genes increase the risk of breast cancer and what effects they have on treatment. About five … Read more

Influenza, delta variant …: symptoms to watch out for

Covid-19 and seasonal influenza are viruses that look similar but can be distinguished in several ways. Commonalities Both viruses can evolve and adapt to new hosts very quickly. Symptoms in humans are similar. We find fever, cough, breathing difficulties and muscle pain. These symptoms are the most common, but not very specific. Viruses are transmitted … Read more

Men can also get these women’s problems

Breast cancer, osteoporosis and eating disorders: When it comes to these diseases, many initially think of affected women. But men can also get it. There is a whole range of ailments and diseases that are seen as typical women’s ailments. Since they are often not the focus of patients or doctors, they are often overlooked … Read more

This is the most dangerous risk factor with Covid-19

Why do some people get sick and die from Covid-19 while others show only mild symptoms? Scientists have come up with a new explanation for this question. The coronavirus not only affects people with chronic pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular problems, cancer and diabetes. Even healthy, fit people become infected with SARS-CoV-2 and then become … Read more

New studies suggest a rare early symptom of Covid-19

Fever, cough, but also gastrointestinal problems are considered the first indications of a corona infection. A US study has now identified another, rare sign of Covid-19. In the course of the pandemic, scientists and doctors are gaining more and more new knowledge about the disease Covid-19. Some infected people also show atypical symptoms in the … Read more