It is now possible to request the 500 thousand pesos bonus to support the middle class

From this Saturday, August 1 and until next Monday, August 31, people who need it and meet the requirements can request the 500 thousand pesos … Read more

Return to work criteria for risk groups published

MEXICO CITY The Ssa published the guidelines for the return to work activity of the people who make up the risk groups. In the document, … Read more

An Indian wears a 2.5-kilo gold mask to protect himself from the coronavirus

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Covid-19 positive cases in Mexico increase to 216,852

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When will Chile reach the peak of the coronavirus ?: “It is the million dollar question” says Minister Enrique Paris

He Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, He reiterated that the drop in confirmed cases of coronavirus is only “slight” and does not allow to be … Read more

IMSS advances payment to pensioners

MEXICO CITY Starting Tuesday, June 30, 3.8 million pensioners of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) They may collect their financial benefit for the month … Read more

SRE highlights Mexican herbal medicine

MEXICO CITY The Secretaries of Foreign Affairs and Culture launched the printed and electronic facsimile edition of the Codex de la Cruz-Badiano, which is the … Read more

They accuse increase in abandonment of pets in Chile: but it is also a global phenomenon due to the pandemic

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Five steps to return to normal: this is the New Zealand plan after defeating the coronavirus

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World Bank predicts that up to 100 million people can fall into poverty

The coronavirus pandemic caused a blow “Fast and massive” that plunged the world economy into the most widespread crisis since 1870, warned this Monday, June … Read more