Remembering Cecilia Priego: The Queen of the South actress who left a mark on Mexican television

2023-10-04 02:16:41 Fans of the acclaimed Mexican soap opera The Queen of the South They were shocked after learning of the death of Cecilia Priegoa actress who stood out for his time in fiction. The interpreter died this weekend, at the very young age of 36. The news was announced by the actress’s father this … Read more

Remembering Cecilia Priego: A Legacy in Mexican Acting and Entertainment

2023-10-01 14:13:44 Mourning in the world of Mexican acting and entertainment over the death of actress Cecilia Priego, remembered for her participation in the series La Reina del Sur, and whose beginnings in the industry were linked to people like Omar Chaparro, Adrián Uribe and Sebastián Rulli . Is it known what Cecilia Priego died … Read more

Alina Lozano and Jim Velásquez: The True Story Behind Their Engagement and Wedding Plans

2023-07-09 01:31:39 A few days ago the information circulated that the actress Alina Lozano no longer wanted to marry her boyfriend, Jim Velásquez, but they already clarified everything. Alina Lozano, actress who played Margarita in La reina del sur, stars in one of the most notorious romances in Colombia, as she has a relationship with … Read more