Fayyad’s office: false misleading rumors of the truth!

The media office of the Minister of Energy and Water, Dr. Walid Fayyad, categorically denies what is being circulated regarding his possession of marijuana and hashish oil and their seizure by the customs authorities in Algeria. The media office regrets circulating malicious false rumors that mislead the truth at a time when Minister Fayyad is … Read more

“My heart is beating”… Was she actually connected to Nassif Zeytoun?

The news of Daniela Rahma and Nassif Zaitoun’s engagement still raises controversy through the social media, and during the past few days, news spread regarding their celebration of their engagement in Sydney, where Nassif is there to perform some artistic concerts, and Daniela was visiting her family who live in Australia. Commenting on the news … Read more

A 9-year-old was raped by a 42-year-old man in the south… Here are the details

“Jihad.G” (42 years old) raped the girl “FJ” (9 years old) in her southern town of Aitit. Immediately, army intelligence in Tyre arrested the assailant. Security sources said that the harasser resides in the town, has seven children, and is a neighbor of the girl’s family, who filed a complaint once morest “Jihad.G” at the … Read more

Ziad Baroud breaks his silence

After circulating news regarding a meeting between the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gibran Bassil, and former Interior Minister Ziad Baroud, and regarding the possibility of the movement accepting Baroud as a candidate, Ziad Baroud denied this news to “ici beyrouth” by saying: “I have not seen the head of the movement, Gibran … Read more

Observing a rare phenomenon that cleanses the smallest moon of Mars in the solar system as it obscures Jupiter and its moons

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Mars Express spacecraft has captured a rare event in space thanks to its privileged position in Mars’ orbit. The small spacecraft, located more than 100 million km (62 million miles) from Earth, was able, thanks to its presence at the right time and place, to monitor the moment the Mars … Read more

The state is a temporary partner in the oil “consortium”… So will Qatar be the “third partner”?

home call Khaled Abu Shakra Yesterday, the deadline given by the Lebanese state to the third partner in the oil consortium, “Novatek”, to give up its share expired. In accordance with Article 36 of the exploration and production agreements relating to blocks 4 and 9 in Lebanese offshore waters, the 20 percent share has become … Read more

“Pain that made me unable to stand or walk”… The “Al-Jadeed” correspondent was transferred to the hospital in a Red Cross car

Al-Jadeed correspondent Darine Dabous announced that she had a severe herniated disc, which made her unable to stand or walk, which necessitated her transfer to the hospital in a Lebanese Red Cross vehicle. Dabbous wrote on her Twitter account: “Perhaps I never paid attention to the importance of the blessing of health that God gave … Read more

A device that could bring Nokia back to the top in phone sales

Nokia unveiled a while ago its new phone, which got specifications that make it among the most prominent devices running Android systems. The new Nokia G60 phone has a water and dust resistant body, its dimensions are (166/75.9/8.6) mm, and its weight is 190 g. As for its screen, it was made of an IPS … Read more