FC Bayern: rescue alley affair! Decision made about bus driver | Sports

lucky for Bavaria’s bus driver! The presidium in Gladbach does not want to take administrative offense proceedings against two of the team’s drivers after all. Although the Buses driven through a rescue alley were! Bayern bus drove off without Sané Did Nagelsmann blabber around here? Reason: A “misinterpretation” by the drivers cannot be ruled out, … Read more

HSV professionals involved in an accident in St. Pauli: illegal street racing? | Regional

Accident thriller about two HSV stars – after an alleged illegal street race in St. Pauli? On Monday evening there was a serious crash on Hafenstrasse: a high-powered BMW M3 crashed into a bus stop around 9:30 p.m. – after the impact, the road was a field of rubble. Apparently, the driver of the black … Read more

Onset of winter – frontal crash with one dead in St. Georgen am Reith

According to Notruf NÖ, a woman died in a car frontal crash in St. Georgen am Reith. The victim was freed from the vehicle by firefighters, but died on the spot from her injuries. By noon, 16 traffic accidents were counted throughout Lower Austria, in which a total of two people were seriously injured and … Read more

Hanoi The car overturned because the driver half wanted to go to the bridge and half wanted to turn

Accordingly, at the above time, the car car Red Ford Everet brand (unknown control plate) traffic from the direction of Hoang Minh Giam street to Nguyen Chanh suddenly flipped right up and down the overpass at Nguyen Chi Thanh intersection opposite Hanoi – Amsterdam Secondary School. The witness said that at the above time, the … Read more

Pedestrian killed in collision with Vienna bus

Updated on January 07, 2023 | 20:50 Reading time: 2 mins Professional rescue with several teams at the scene of the accident Photo: WHAT EA pedestrian was hit and knocked down by a bus in Vienna-Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus on Saturday afternoon. According to information from Wiener Linien and the professional rescue service, which had deployed several teams, … Read more