Chief Minister and his team to Europe; CM Pinarayi Vijayan to visit Finland and Norway | V Sivankutty

Thiruvananthapuram∙ Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, Education Minister V. Shivankutty and a team of officials to Europe. The two-week trip is scheduled for early October. The explanation is that Finland has invited for cooperation in the field of education. Nokia factory in Finland may also be visited. Apart from Finland, the group will also visit Norway. … Read more

Clerk for a year, now Gazetted; Minister V Sivankutty increased the salary of the personal staff

Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The Public Administration Department has issued an order increasing the post and salary of the personnel staff in the office of Education and Labor Minister V. Shivankutty. PS Anand, who was working in the post of Additional PA, was re-designated as Assistant Private Secretary and K. Santosh Kumar, who was working in the … Read more

Schools will open Monday; Education Minister says classes are only till noon News in Malayalam

THiruvananthapuram Education Minister V Sivankutty has said that the offline classes in schools in the state will start from Monday and will continue till noon only. He said the guideline issued before the schools reopened would continue. Classes one to nine will start tomorrow on the 14th. He said it had not yet been decided … Read more

‘Tired of life’, Malayalee trans woman wants euthanasia; Intervening Minister of Education

Kochi, First Published Jan 12, 2022, 9:18 AM IST Kochi: A trans woman in Kerala has demanded that euthanasia be allowed as she cannot live as a trans woman. Aneera Kabir, a native of Ottapalam, had approached the court seeking clemency. Trans woman Anira Kabir told Asianet News that despite attending interviews for the post … Read more

No such program anymore; Minister says children should not be used for talapoli in schools | v sivankutty | school thalappoli | school students thalappoli | kerala news

Thiruvananthapuram: Education Minister V Sivankutty said that children should not be used for talapoli etc. in schools. KSTA He was speaking after inaugurating the district conference. He said that children have been instructed not to participate in other activities during class. ‘In many places, we carry children with us when we go to ceremonies. I … Read more

Minister informs Steven of actions | Tourist empties liquor bottles on roa, V SivanKutty, Manorama News

Thiruvananthapuram: Public Education and Labor Minister V Sivankutty spoke on the phone with Dutch citizen Steven Asberg on the incident of insulting a foreigner on New Year’s Eve. Minister Steven was briefed on the steps taken by the government in the incident and the suspension of the Grade SI. Stevens will meet the minister at … Read more