Japanese Scientists Confirm Possibility of Agriculture on Extraterrestrial Bodies

2023-12-01 08:47:36 The Japanese Yomory Agency reported that Japanese scientists believe that their experiment confirms the possibility of agriculture on extraterrestrial celestial bodies. Japanese specialists were able to grow vegetables in soil that exactly matches soil samples that were transported in 2020 from the Ryugu asteroid. They believe that this confirms the possibility of developing … Read more

Revealing the Mystery of Earth’s E Layer: The Groundbreaking Discovery of the Seeping Water Interaction with the Outer Core

2023-11-24 06:26:37 Scientists report that they may have finally discovered the cause of the mysterious layer of crystal surrounding the Earth’s core, the “seeping water” that flows from the Earth’s surface and interacts with the mineral core of our planet. In the 1990s, geologists discovered a thin layer surrounding the Earth’s outer core, which is … Read more

The St. Regis Dubai… The Palm is preparing for the holiday season with a wide range of events and special offers

2023-11-16 11:46:03 To celebrate the start of the festive season, The St. Regis Dubai, The Palm has prepared a series of wonderful festive offers to showcase the authentic spirit of this happy season. From displaying ready-made turkeys, to Christmas brunch events, New Year’s celebrations, and luxurious treatment packages at the spa, he invites his guests … Read more

National Social Security Fund Initiatives to Improve Health and Social Benefits

2023-11-09 10:03:33 The Public Relations Directorate of the National Social Security Fund stated, in a statement, that with “the beginning of the financial and economic crisis that has ravaged the country since 2019, the Director General of the National Social Security Fund, Dr. Muhammad Karki, sought to contain it and address it by available and … Read more

Town of Tartaj Takes Action: Citizens Arrest Thieves and Impose Self-Security

2023-11-07 15:33:06 After several robberies that affected the town of Tartaj in the Jbeil district, the townspeople and youth worked to impose self-security and try to arrest the thieves.After diligent efforts, they were able to arrest two thiefs of Syrian nationality red handed while trying to rob one of the town’s houses. The vdlnews website … Read more

Creating a Hospital Network in Lebanon: Preparing for Potential Israeli Attacks and Addressing Dialysis Challenges

2023-10-12 10:56:32 The head of the Syndicate of Private Hospital Owners in Lebanon, Dr. Suleiman Haroun, said in an interview: “We are working in coordination with the Ministry of Health to create a hospital network that can receive the wounded, who may fall as a result of any Israeli attack on Lebanon, because not all … Read more