AS green light to invest in Bitkub to support business to Hybrid GameFi

Asiasoft Corporation Public Company Limited (the “Company” has a Board of Directors meeting. No. 1/2022 on February 25, 2022, the Company would like to notify the resolutions of important Board of Directors meeting. with approval to enter into a memorandum of understanding regarding the joint establishment of a joint venture company with the Company BitCapital … Read more

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk alleged ‘unrelenting investigation,’ SEC pushes back

Elon Musk, chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., speaks to members of the media while departing from federal court in New York, U.S., on Thursday, April 4, 2019. Natan Dvir | Bloomberg | Getty Images The Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a letter to a federal judge on Friday responding to allegations by Tesla CEO … Read more

Five unicorn founders invest in the software start-up

Munich The list of investors in the software company Remberg reads like a who’s who of the German start-up scene. After the latest round of financing, five founders of start-ups with a valuation in the billions belong to the group of investors, including Personio boss Hanno Renner and Celonis founder Bastian Nominacher. “It’s a reassuring … Read more

How deep-tech companies compete for government funding

Paris, Düsseldorf Aude Guo is developing a high-tech insect breeding program with which the world’s population can be fed in a climate-friendly way. Daniel Metzler wants to secure strategically important access to space for European companies with his rocket. You are one of the founders in Europe who care about breakthrough technologies. Both came to … Read more

Forefront | SIF 2021 Beijing Super Long Screening, Massive VR/AR Pioneer Works_Entertainment

Original Title: Forefront | SIF 2021 Beijing Super Long Screening, Massive VR/AR Pioneer Works On October 14, 2021, the 2021 Sandbox Immersive Video Exhibition (SIF 2021) officially opened at Beijing Jiarui Cultural Center. Two years later, as the world’s most influential immersive entertainment event, SIF 2021 will bring more than 30 VR/AR pioneering content screenings … Read more

Earlybird wants to find the best university spin-offs

Düsseldorf It could be the beginning of a great success story: As students in Potsdam, Jerome Lange, Marco Trippler and Lasse Steffen have jointly developed software for large construction sites for two years. This is intended to significantly accelerate construction projects on the basis of data. This seemed to her professor for IT entrepreneurship at … Read more