Diversity and Tradition: The Ghent Cultural Center Vooruit Stands by ‘Queen Nikkolah’ Event while City Hall Cancels Traditional Celebrations

2023-11-28 15:12:43 More than 200 people had registered for the event planned at Ghent town hall which ultimately did not take place, following the decision of the majority (Open VLD, CD&V, Groen and Vooruit). of videos The Ghent cultural center Vooruit has confirmed that its event around “Queen Nikkolah”, also scheduled for December 6, is … Read more

Shape Military Base’s Gigantic Reconstruction Project: New Headquarters, Ministry of Defense, and NATO Involved

2023-08-11 17:02:00 This is an important project that is finally moving forward. The Shape military base, accompanied by the Ministry of Defense and NATO’s information and communication agency (NCIA), has applied for a single permit to build a brand new headquarters on its site. The file is gigantic! ** ******** ** ************ ******************* ** ****** … Read more

Transforming Hotel des Chemins de Fer in Charleroi: Future Home of Restaurants and Apartments

2023-06-10 07:00:00 Built in 1938, on the banks of the Sambre, the hotel des chemins de fer is set to be transformed within two years. The start of the construction site went almost unnoticed. For nearly a month, however, a small team has been hard at work there every day. ********** ****** ** ********* ***** … Read more