How Free’s Unique Strategy Helped It Thrive Amidst Inflation: A Closer Look at the Telecom Industry in France

2023-11-14 10:04:21 In 2023, while inflation pushes the telecommunications giants in France to increase their prices, Free chooses a unique path. Which seems to have succeeded. Xavier Niel // SourceĀ : Iliad In an economic context marked by inflation, French telephone operators have mainly opted to increase the prices of their packages in 2023. Orange, Bouygues … Read more

Xavier Niel personally invests in the English group Vodafone

Xavier Niel has personally invested in the Vodafone group, through Atlas Investissement, an investment fund that he owns and controls. The owner of Iliad, which notably manages Free and Free mobile in France, thus becomes a 2.5% shareholder in the British company, an operation which should cost him around 750 million pounds (858 million euros) … Read more