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2023-09-19 12:04:00

Takao Tsuyuguchi, the owner of Bar Tsuyuguchi in Matsuyama City, which was also known as the “Mecca of Highballs” and ended its 64-year history last year, passed away on the 19th. He was 86 years old.

Bar Tsuyuguchi, located in the center of Matsuyama City, is a small bar with only counter seating that was opened in 1965 by the owner, Takao Tsuyuguchi. It was known as a social gathering place.
Their signature menu item was the “Highball,” a mix of whiskey and carbonated water, and the restaurant was also known as the “Highball Mecca.”
For many years, Mr. Tsuyuguchi and his wife, Asako, continued to operate the store, but last year, it was sadly brought to an end after 64 years of history.
According to sources, after the store closed, Mr. Tsuyuguchi fell ill and was admitted to a hospital in Matsuyama City, where he passed away around noon on the 19th. She was 86 years old.
Governor Nakamura of Ehime Prefecture commented on Tsuyuguchi’s passing, saying, “With his signature highball menu and warm personality, he provided many people with a place of rest and peace, and greatly contributed to the development of Ehime’s Western liquor culture and regional revitalization.” I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude, and pray that his soul may rest in peace.”

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