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2023-09-24 22:00:00
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The trailer for director Takeshi Kitano’s latest film “Neck”, which will be released on November 23rd, has been released, showing off the essence of Kitano’s world, including sharp violence and laughter. . In addition, a stylish black and white book poster has also been completed.

Director Kitano conceived this work at the same time as one of his early masterpieces, “Sonatine,” and had been working on it for 30 years. This is a film adaptation of a project that was expected to be a masterpiece on par with “The Samurai.”

Trailer video of the movie “Kubi”

The released preview video begins with a scene of Honnoji Temple in flames, a battlefield littered with corpses left out in the open. Oda Nobunaga (Kase Ryo), Hashiba Hideyoshi (Kitano Takeshi), Tokugawa Ieyasu (Kobayashi Kaoru), Akechi Mitsuhide (Nishijima Hidetoshi) and other military commanders, as well as ninjas, comedians, and peasants, live in the frenzied Sengoku era with no cause or mercy… …The intermingling of each person’s ambitions, desires, betrayals, and strategies is vividly depicted.

In addition, the Japanese film industry includes Murashige Araki (Kenichi Endo), Shido Namba (Shido Nakamura), Shinzaemon Sorori (Yuichi Kimura), Hidenaga Hashiba (Nao Omori), Kanbei Kuroda (Tadanobu Asano), and Sen Rikyu (Ittoku Kishibe). A great group of actors representing the world will also appear. The “Battle of Yamazaki” at Honnoji Temple burns and spills blood and flesh… What awaits at the end of the deadly battle for Nobunaga’s successor!?

Movie “Neck” Book Poster
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The posters released at the same time feature Oda Nobunaga, a ruler of the world who is surrounded by madness, Hashiba Hideyoshi, who plots the Honnoji Incident, Akechi Mitsuhide, who has mixed feelings towards Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Kuroda Kanbei, the military commander who supports Hideyoshi. , Hideyoshi’s younger brother Hidenaga Hashiba, Shigesuke Namba, a peasant who admired Hideyoshi, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Sen no Rikyu, all of whom lived in the turbulent Sengoku era, and their sharp eyes showed strong determination, ambition, and desire.

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Furthermore, the monochrome poster’s catchphrase “You’re crazy!” highlights the immeasurable horror and ruggedness that lies deep within humans, creating a visual that leaves a strong impression. There is.

Nishijima, who played Mitsuhide Akechi in this work, said, “Every day is a matter of life or death, and if you are left with nothing but your neck, you have a sense of impermanence. “Just after I laughed, something tragic happened…I felt director Kitano’s unique worldview that I couldn’t get with other directors,” he said, commenting that he felt a unique worldview when he read the script.

This is Nishijima’s first participation in the Kitano group since 2002’s “Dolls.” “There was a time when we had to build a large set for a scene that was added in a hurry, but it was finished in just one cut.No matter how much time we spent on preparation, we decided, “We’ve shot this part, it’s okay,” and the changes were the same as they were in the beginning. No. This time too, there was a major scene that was added at the last minute, and it took a lot of effort, but it ended as soon as the cut of Hiki was filmed. I felt the director’s aesthetic in that way, and it has always changed. I felt like I wasn’t doing it right,” he said, revealing an episode during filming.

Kase, who played Oda Nobunaga, also said, “Director Kitano is a man who rose to the top through various battles.He sprinkles the various feelings he felt during those battles into all the characters, and each military commander has a lot of overlap with the director’s life. I thought I could do it,” he said, looking back on his first impression.

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Kase, who also appears in director Kitano’s “Outrage” series, said, “Until now, I had been directed through an assistant director, but this time director Kitano often comes directly to the set and says a few words. , I felt like there was a lot of careful direction,” he said, referring to the difference from the Outrage series.

Omori, who played Hideyoshi Hashiba, also reflects on the Kitano group, saying, “There’s a fear of going straight to the actual production.” Even though he feels like he’s not allowed to do anything, as an actor he can’t afford to do nothing. “I’m at war with Director Kitano about how far I’m allowed to go once…But this is really scary.Director Kitano won’t say, “One more time” unless something really happens.How many times? It’s difficult to do the same thing as the director Kitano, but I felt the tension of only being able to do it once.”They each said about the time they spent filming with director Kitano.

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