Takumi Masugi’s Victory at Asahi Shimbunsha Cup Keirin Festival: 2023 Recap

2023-11-26 11:54:00

2023/11/26 20:54

Takumi Masugi (car No. 7, orange) took first place after riding solo (Photo courtesy of Chari Lotto) On November 26th, the Asahi Shimbunsha Cup Keirin Festival (GI, final day) was held at the Kokura Velodrome. In the final, Takumi Masugi (24 years old, Tochigi = 113rd year), who drove in as a solo rider, came in 1st place, Kosuke Matsui (31 years old, Kanagawa = 113rd year), who came from behind, came in 2nd place, and Yuji Matsuura (33rd year), who chased him down, came in 2nd place. (Hiroshima, 1998) came in 3rd place. The trifecta was ⑦-④-② with a dividend of 18,750 yen. Tomohiro Fukaya (33 years old, Shizuoka, 1996) took the lead with two laps remaining in the race, while Masugi, riding solo, was chasing in 4th place. The Chinese duo of Kaiya Ota (24 years old, Okayama, 121st season) and Matsuura were in 5th and 6th place, and Yuta Wakimoto (34 years old, Fukui, 94th season) reached the bell in 8th place. Wakimoto…

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