Taliban urge women to wear burqas: China to exploit profits

Kabul: After the Taliban invasion of Afghanistan, China and Pakistan were the first to announce their full support for the new government. This was the biggest example of the two secretly aiding the Taliban. By supporting the Taliban, China is targeting the Afghan clothing market.

The fashion sector in Afghanistan is collapsing. The Taliban is saying no to fashion. Women must wear the burqa and hijab. The Taliban have ordered foreigners living in Afghanistan to comply. When the Taliban orders women to wear the burqa, China seeks to capitalize on it. China plans to use the Taliban occupation for economic gain.

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China has been making inroads into the Afghan textile trade since 2006. The burqa, one of the traditional garments of Afghanistan, was introduced by China at that time. The Afghans, who saw only burqas woven of cotton cloth, had no great admiration for Chinese nylon burqas.

But when the Taliban return to power in Afghanistan more than 15 years later, China expects its clothing market to reap the benefits of forcing women to wear burqas and hijabs. China expects the demand for Chinese burqas to increase from now on and the market to buy cheaper nylon burqas as they are everyday wear.

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