Taliban’s Ban on Female Afghan Students Studying Abroad Sparks International Outrage

2023-08-28 14:39:02

Taliban prevent female students of Afghanistan from studying abroad. As female students were banned from colleges in the country, many started studying in foreign universities after receiving scholarships. However, this is what the Taliban government has now blocked. BBC reported the news.

After banning female students from colleges, 100 female students received scholarships to study at Dubai University. Sheikh Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor, a millionaire, announced scholarships for these children in December 2022. Some of them have already reached Dubai. But now the students say they are being sent back from the airport when they see the ticket and student visa. Taliban authorities tell them that female students are not allowed to leave the country on student visas. About 60 female students were sent back at the airport.

The Taliban banned women from traveling abroad alone. A woman is allowed to travel only if she is accompanied by her father, brother or husband. Those who tried to travel this way were also sent back by the Taliban.

Story Highlights: Taliban stop female Afghan students leaving country study

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