Tamara Tyasmara Life Insurance Controversy: Truth Behind the Rumors

2024-02-22 07:01:11


Former insurance agent Tamara TyasmaraZee Swan, has explained that there is no life insurance in the name of Raden Andante Khalif Pramudityo alias Dante.

The insurance company said that Dante was only registered by Tamara Tyasmara for health insurance, but the policy has been dead since December 2022.



Even according to the insurance company, Tamara Tyasmara who makes life insurance with large amounts.

“In fact, the one who made the life insurance was Tamara herself who made the big insurance for Dante,” explained Zee Swan to detikcom, Thursday (22/2/2024).

As for goals Tamara Tyasmara making life insurance means that if something undesirable happens to him, Dante doesn’t need to worry about his future costs.

“If, God forbid, Tamara dies, meaning she dies, that’s just coming out, because she’s thinking that if she’s not around as a breadwinner, what will her children be like,” said Zee Swan.

However, Tamara Tyasmara’s life insurance was also not continued for personal reasons.

“Because there were things that couldn’t be continued, the policy was finally closed,” said Zee Swan.

With this explanation, the insurance company hopes that netizens will not lead to negative opinions and focus on resolving the case.

“We also ask netizens to guide their opinions to this, just focus on the case,” he hoped.

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