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The United Kingdom held a state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, and the line of people who arrived in London to enter Westminster Abbey to pay tribute to the Queen’s coffin was endless from the afternoon of last Wednesday to this Monday, with an average queue time of 12 hours. English football captain Beckham.
Beckham told reporters that he joined the queue at two in the morning, thinking he could miss the peak of the crowd, but he made a mistake. From the south bank of the Thames to Westminster Abbey, the streets were full of people, and the atmosphere was very friendly. Not only did they take care of each other, but also The police also helped deliver food. The reporter asked him again why he didn’t line up with the special VIP team. He only replied that he had made a special trip to pay his respects to the Queen, but didn’t say much.

Why didn’t Beckham line up the VIP line? If there is a queue, there must be a way, because members of Congress have a special fast-track, and each person can also bring four people into the venue. In addition to the method of MPs, there must be some other special channels, but he did not choose to do so, because together with others, they queued for more than ten hours on the streets of London in the early autumn night. This special occasion is only in this September. Happened, this is a collective memory and identity.

At this moment, the recognition and appreciation gained in the crowd is of course more important than using the privilege to enter Westminster Abbey as soon as possible. Having privileges and not using them is a kind of “extravagance”. Queen Elizabeth used to travel by train to London and Scotland and other places during her lifetime, not a special train. At Balmore Castle in Scotland, she once encountered a tourist who asked her to inquire about the Queen. She also joked in turn, and did not get “furious” because the other party was an “ignorant little citizen”.

The British aristocratic tradition can be considered well-preserved and can be said to be the most important content of British culture, and it can be adjusted according to the trend of the times, including the continuous expansion of the way to become aristocrat. The core of aristocratic spirit is honor. If Beckham enjoys the privilege of not having to line up, and it is revealed that he obtained it by relying on “relationship”, it will not be worth the loss.
Tao Jie

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