Tasyi Athasyia Unloads WhatsApp Family Group Contents, Tasya Farasya’s Chat Becomes a Spotlight

JAKARTA, celebrities.id – Influencer Tasyi Athasyia is a hot topic of discussion among netizens. Not long ago, Tasyi made a clarification for not attending Maryam Lily’s birthday party, daughter Tasya Farasya.

Recently, Tasyi said she was tired of netizens’ accusations about her. He also unpacked the contents of the WhatsApp group conversation with Tasya and her mother, Ala Alatas.

“Okay, so you can see here I’m sorry and permission can’t attend properly,” Tasyi wrote on her IG Story quoted Friday (5/8/2022).

Tasyi Athasyia unloads the contents of the family WA group. (Photo: celebrities.id/Instagram @tasyiiathasyia)

The contents of the conversation showed that Tasyi asked her family for permission because she could not attend the birthday of her niece, Lily. However, Tasyi did not explain why she was absent from her twin daughter’s event.

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