TCG reveals Jan.-Oct. Approval of 128,581 million baht to help SMEs solve sustainable debt

TCG reveals operating results Jan. – Oct. 2022 Approved 128,581 million baht in loans, received 78,510 loans, approved 82,461 Letters of Guarantee (LG), generating 140,958 million baht in credit in the system, maintaining 893,073 employment positions. Helping SMEs solve sustainable debt Continue to drive the Digital Transformation strategy

Mr. Sittikorn Direksunthorn Director and General Manager The Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) revealed that TCG’s performance during the 10-month period between 1 Jan. to 31 Oct. 2022 was successful. Helping SMEs access continuous credit Approved 128,581 million baht in guarantees, 78,510 loans were obtained, 82,461 letters of guarantee (LG) were approved, generating 140,958 million baht in credit in the system, maintaining 893,073 jobs, and creating economic benefits of 531,039 million baht, supported by credit guarantee programs, including:

1. TCG SMEs credit guarantee project (PGS 9) amount 65,985 million baht, 51% proportion (average 3.93 million baht per LG), the remaining credit limit is 1,100 million baht and the end of the project 30 Nov. 2022.

2. Credit guarantee project, Royal Decree on Rehabilitation Phase 2 (credit for adjustment), amount 48,076 million baht, 37% proportion (average 3.50 million baht per LG)

3. Commercial and Re-new credit guarantee project, amount of 9,202 million baht, 7% proportion

4. TCG’s credit guarantee project, Micro must win (Micro 4), proportion 4%, credit limit 4,473 million baht (average 90,000 baht per LG).

5. PGS loan guarantee project, special period, Soft Loan Extra, credit line 845 million baht, 1% proportion

“The top 3 business groups guaranteed by TCG, occupying 50% of the total guarantee, are the service sector 28%, the agricultural sector 11%, the manufacturing and trade sector 11%, with the agricultural sector having a remarkable growth rate. notable climbed from 6th place in 2020 to 2nd place in 2022. It is expected that by the end of 2022 operating results will have a total credit guarantee approval amount of more than 140,000 million baht.

Regarding assistance to debtors, TCG has operated in line with the government policy. year of debt “Sustainable Debt Solving” helps debtors get out of debt traps, solve debts through debt restructuring measures, “TCG Ready to Help”, low installment, light, or measures 3, purple, yellow, green, help solve debt and improve debt structure. success beyond expectations An increase of more than 80%. There were 9,809 registered TCG debtors, 4,785 debt restructuring, a 49% proportion or about 2,058 million baht. It is expected that at the end of the year it will help more than 7,000 debtors.

“Measures 3 colors, purple, yellow, green, debt relief for TCG customers are outstanding measures this year. Most of them are micro-group debtors, with the “green” measure being the most popular, 79%, 0% interest, a 7-year installment period, cutting the entire principal amount. The first payment is only 10%, the debt limit per person is 100,000 baht.

in being a financial advisor which is a free consultation service by the SMEs Financial Advisory Center (TCG. FA Center) to develop the potential and enhance the capabilities of all groups of SMEs entrepreneurs. Requesting a maximum of 1,454 loans, more than 515 debt restructuring consultations, and 337 business development projects, totaling more than 12,000 million baht in required loans.

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