Tea Trader and Friends Win Rs 25 Crore Onam Bumper Lottery: The Story of the Tamil Nadu Winners

2023-09-21 22:19:53

Palakkad / Thiruvananthapuram ∙ The first prize of the Onam bumper lottery is Rs 25 crore to a tea trader from Tirupur, Tamil Nadu and three friends. The four people came together and handed over the tickets at the Thiruvananthapuram Lottery Directorate. Lottery department officials said that they are not releasing the details as they have asked not to be named.

They came with the bank manager and lawyer. They told the Lottery Department officials that they bought the tickets when they reached Walayar for business purposes. The first prize was a ticket sold by T. Guruswami Valayar, a resident of Chandrapuram, a franchisee from Kozhikode Bava Lottery Agency Head Office, at a shop on Dam Road, Palakkad Walayar.

Lottery is banned in Tamil Nadu, so ticket sales are not allowed there. Therefore, if the lottery is won for people living in other states, they have to prove that they bought it when they came to Kerala. The affidavit in this regard should be notarized and submitted.

Apart from these documents, the details of the prize money to be distributed equally were also handed over. The first prize money is 25 crores, but after deducting the commission and taxes, 15.75 crores will reach the bank account.

When the prize is distributed among 4 people, each of them will get 3.93 crore rupees. After paying the surcharge and cess, each of them will have a balance of 3.22 crores each.

English Summary: Onam Bumper winners are Tirupur Natives

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