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Teacher insults student in virtual class: “To grow up, you must stop being stupid” | National University of San Cristóbal de Huamanga | Huamanga | Peru | Video | MISCELLANY

The Regis Huamán, professor at the , insulted a , in front of his other classmates, in the middle of virtual class because he heard some laughter when he was explaining a class.

“Who is that idiot who talks like that, who laughs? A jerk, ha ha ha, he says. What is he laughing at, an obnoxious chibola that knows nothing, argue with me with reasons. (Says the name of the university), may it never be repeated, don’t fuck around with me, I’m talking about science and not bullshit, the teacher began, as can be seen in a video shown by ‘Al Estilo Juliana’.

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Huamán He said that he belonged to a religious association, but that later he realized that it was not the lifestyle he needed and continued to swear.

“It is that historically they have deformed our brains, they do not give us options, I myself have been a religious, an Adventist, for more than 28 years until I realized that this was stupid and I decided to stop being stupid. That is a decision of each one, the only way to grow is to stop being stupid, there is no other way out “, he expressed.

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Teacher insults student in virtual class. Video: ATV

“If you want to continue being one, it’s a personal matter, but don’t say that Regis Huamán didn’t tell you, and don’t think I’m talking nonsense. Give me the best of bishops, pastors, whoever they are to get the jamadded.

Regis Huamán also, haughtily, stated that “destrozaba” in political debates to members of any political party and who feels, academically, superior to the others.

“Until now there has not been any irrational that has defeated me in good law. That also goes for the Purple Party, the corrupt Keiko, pseudo-parties, they are not criminal organizations. Believe me, if (Jorge) Del Castillo gets ahead of me, I’ll destroy him, as to whoever, I told the Apristas to put the best of their pseudo ideologues on me to destroy them and I do it, because I know whose foot they limp, I know what their position is”, He concluded.


David Pacheco, representative of the Ombudsman’s Office, recommended that the Ayacucho university center initiate an investigation against the professor so that a similar situation does not recur.

“The Ombudsman’s Office is recommending to the rector that, immediately, the referral of this video to the body of administrative disciplinary procedures be ordered for the following reasons. The university law and the statute of our first superior house of studies in the region, establish that it is the rights of students to express opinions without being penalized for it during university education “, he stated.



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