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For a long time, It has positioned itself as one of the inevitable applications on the cell phones of millions of people or users on the planet. Considered as the leading messaging application par excellence, unfortunately this social network is not safe from flaws or small details that its users would like to improve, such as the type of font we use in our chats. Therefore, we have prepared the following note for you today. We hope you find it very useful.

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And who has not happened that talking to one of his many contacts in , this has sent you a message with a different type of letter than the conventional one. Whether it stands out for its color, its size or something else, the truth is that anyone would like to have the possibility of using a typeface that goes more with their style.

In this sense, today, in We tell you about a quick and easy way to personalize your messages as you like. To do it you only need to install Stylish Text, a third-party app well-known among netizens, which will allow you to choose between various font styles and colors for your messages.

Stylish Text allows you to customize the font you use on WhatsApp as you like. (Photo: Vivantic)

As you can see in the image above, Stylish Text offers more than 115 different styles of letters, and not only works in WhatsApp. This popular mood is also compatible with other applications such as Facebook or Messenger, where before using it, the first thing to do is to accept all the necessary permissions for its operation.

That said, the next thing to do is activate this app on our phone, which will bring up a bubble on the side of our screen with the Stylish Text logo. Now the rest is a piece of cake. Continuing with the manual, we will open any conversation, start writing a message, and immediately after we touch the bubble.

Once done, a window will open with a wide list of sources, among which we will have to choose the one that is most to our liking. Therefore, all we have to do now is select the font that we want and it will automatically be applied to our message. Fast and easy. Did this information help you? See more tricks of this application .

WhatsApp: change the font in the app and establish your own style with this simple trick.  (Photo: Diffusion)
WhatsApp: change the font in the app and establish your own style with this simple trick. (Photo: Diffusion)

As a summary, if the explanation in the previous paragraphs was not useful or you did not understand any steps, we invite you to read the following step by step so that you can use the Stylish Text application as an expert. Remember, there are more than a hundred fonts that you will have available, so everything will depend on you. Of course, you must have patience with advertising. Let’s go with the guide:

  • Instala Stylish Text
  • Open the application and activate it (the bubble comes out)
  • Open WhatsApp and click on any chat
  • Write the text you want to send.
  • Select the style you like best.
  • Click on the WhatsApp icon next to the text and send it to your contact. You can also send it to any other app.



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