Technology. Xiaomi and Huawei are working on 200W chargers for smartphones

The battle rages between manufacturers over fast charging.

Smartphone batteries have changed little in recent years and the main players in the market are betting on charging time.

To support ever larger accumulators (6000 mAh for Motorola’s Moto G9 Power), brands are offering ever faster chargers and technologies, coupled with operating systems that offer better energy management.

Currently, models like the OnePlus 8T, Oppo Reno 4 Pro or Realme 7 Pro benefit from 65W fast charging.

Huawei has followed the trend with its Mate 40 Pro and offers its 66 W wired Supercharge technology, in addition to 50 W wireless charging.

This war between manufacturers could take a new turn in 2021. The site Huawei Central Huawei reports that Huawei recently formalized the launch of its Mate 40 series in China.

The opportunity for the brand to present its new products and to deliver a few indiscretions. Huawei smartphone boss Richard Yu said his company has successfully developed 120W and even 200W fast charging technology.

A performance that would charge a smartphone in record time, but Huawei is not yet ready to offer this technology on its smartphones.

Richard Yu confirms that this power is not suitable for current batteries and that it presents significant risks.

Besides the risk of losing battery life, charging this quickly generates a lot of heat.

Xiaomi is also working on a 200 W charger

For the president of Huawei, the option chosen with the Mate 40 Pro is the most suitable.

Rising Chinese smartphone star Xiaomi disagrees and has already shown a promising Mi 10 Ultra with 120W fast charging in addition to 50W wireless charging.

The ambitious manufacturer, which recently unveiled an 80 W wireless charging technology, was also working on a 200 W charger for its smartphones.

According to Weibo (via Android Central), this fast charging solution would fully recharge a battery in less than 15 minutes.

Xiaomi is reportedly planning to present its first compatible devices in 2021. However, this information has not yet been confirmed by the manufacturer and Xiaomi will face the same difficulties as Huawei.

Far from this battle, Samsung and Apple prefer to take their time before integrating certain technologies.

The iPhone 12 is satisfied with a 20W charge while Samsung opts for a 25W fast charge on its flagships.

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