Tecno Phantom V Flip case leaks seem to confirm the design and imminent launch of the new foldable smartphone

2023-09-09 01:03:00

Tecno is rumored to be manufacturing all-new foldable clamshell from 2023 with the Phantom V Flip. This device could have a design similar to that of the Motorola Razr 40 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5while being at a different price point, compromising on features such as SoC.

Today it is apparently possible to buy a case for the smartphone ( ) for the smartphone – a case made of “aramid” also. Vopmart claims its new Phantom V Flip case offers comprehensive “shock and drop protection” despite its “light and slim” design, and it certainly looks “classic”Carbon Fiber” in black.

It claims to demonstrate that it allows access to all of the device’s side buttons via a single cutout, and that the V Flip’s screen V Flip screen is in fact placed in a wide ring for the camera.

The race to sell cases for the V Flip isn’t limited to this website either, as at least one seller on Amazon seems to believe that it can compete with its own holster in vegan leather-for the V Flip.

It not remain that Tecno has not yet acknowledged the existence of the smartphone in question, although it had an ideal opportunity to do so at the recent show IFA 2023 which was held recently at IFA 2023. It remains to be seen whether these case makers know something the rest of us don’t.

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