‘Tell me’: Does Antonio Alcántara die of coronavirus?

There are so many years that it has been on the air that there are already popular jokes that refer to the series and the passage of time. How many times have we heard that one day ‘Tell me how it happened’ was going to catch up with us. Well it has ahead of time and the pandemic has a lot to do with it. Joaquín Oristrell leads the team of excellent screenwriters who entangle the plots and assures that the news was so shocking that they could not ignore it. «The series talks about our past from the present, it was impossible to talk about ‘Cuéntame’ without the pandemic », he maintains.

And said and done. The first minutes of the first chapter of the nineteenth season are in 2020. The applause to the toilets is the excuse to see the new Carlos -interpreted by the voiceover that always narrated it, Carlos Hipólito- already an already adult María (played by Silvia Abascal). She works in a hospital and is the one who discovers that Antonio Alcántara is admitted and it seems that he has not much left. “It could be today,” says a fellow doctor.

After the initial flash, the action goes back to 1992 and we meet again with a clan separated by the estrangement of the parents. And that argument, which could well sound repetitive, is treated with art by its writers, keeping their faithful glued to the screen. “I don’t need Antonio at all,” says Merche before her mother. And Herminia’s wisdom emerges. «Ah, don’t be proud! Antonio is more than your husband. He is your brother, your son… he is your half », dictates the oldest grandmother on TV. “Witch!” Dodges his heir. The brilliance of some very careful dialogues, exquisitely interpreted, makes everything flow. “I don’t want to go back to Antonio,” Merche tells her new suitor, Max. And he returns to pass sentence: “You don’t have to come back if you’ve never left.”

The merit that a series that has been on the air for more than two decades continues to look new every time it starts up is commendable. You can see that in the ‘Cuéntame’ team everything is greased so that nothing fails. And the stories of that family are already the stories of those who see them. The level of empathy that these characters generate borders on the impossible. You argue with them, you agree with them, you cry, you laugh and, fundamentally, you entertain yourself. And you learn! They teach close history from a related point of view. And that a few brief plots also show the present is already curling the curl. So it will be necessary to see if Mr. Alcántara overcomes the coronavirus – “Dad is strong and will come out of this,” advances the adult Carlos – and how the storm Filomena hits the San Genaro neighborhood. And what happens because things happen in life, although not as suddenly as the Alcántara … Be careful, do not rule out that Toni covers the invasion of the US Capitol!


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