“Tensions in Senegal: Updates on Adji Sarr – Ousmane Sonko Case and Recent Clashes in Ziguinchor”

2023-05-19 06:31:15

The political situation in Senegal is tense, in particular because of the Adji Sarr – Ousmane Sonko affair. The possible arrest of the latter has created a poisonous atmosphere in Ziguinchor.

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According to Walf Quotidien, the arrest of Ousmane Sonko was planned and the related system had already been put in place. However, it was Touba who defused the bomb. In addition, the newspaper reports, trusted men also lobbied President Macky Sall.

What annihilate this intention to arrest the mayor of Ziguinchor. In Ziguinchor, moreover, clashes broke out between the Senegalese police and young supporters of the opponent Ousmane Sonko on Monday, May 15. These incidents took place on the eve of the Sweet Beauty trial.

Groups of young people threw projectiles at the police, who responded by using tear gas. Supporters of Ousmane Sonko erected barricades in some streets using stone blocks and tree trunks, and also set tires on fire. Their objective was clearly to obstruct the action of the security forces. An arrest of the Pastef leader would probably have resulted in significant damage.

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