Termas de Rio Hondo: The cause of the fire investigated / MotoGP

A major fire destroyed the pit area of ​​the MotoGP venue in Las Termas in Argentina on Saturday night. Now the cause of the devastating fire in the Autódromo seems to have been clarified.

While the website of the “Autódromo de Termas de Rio Hondo” announces the reopening of the fortunately intact automobile museum for tomorrow, Tuesday, reports the Argentine daily Clarion of the cause of the fire: Workers had carried out welding work on the terrace of the VIP area. It should have come to a short circuit that triggered the fire.

As a result, the flames spread rapidly across the entire pit area. To make matters worse, there was a strong wind at this point.

In a statement, Héctor Farina, owner and director of the GP track, confirmed that the pit building, including the press room, the race management and the VIP area, had been completely destroyed. The financial damage is covered by insurance and work to restore the plant should begin immediately.

Farina’s declared goal is to host the Argentina GP of the Motorcycle World Championship, which has been postponed to autumn, in November of this year. In view of the corona pandemic and the considerable damage caused by fire, it is not yet possible to predict whether this ambitious project can be realized.


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