Tesla can continue to clear in Brandenburg – urgent applications rejected

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The US electric car maker Tesla is allowed to continue clearing on the site of its planned factory in Grünheide near Berlin. The administrative court Frankfurt (Oder) decided this in an urgent procedure. Applications from two nature conservation associations were unsuccessful, the Green League Brandenburg and the Association for Landscape Management and Species Protection in Bavaria wanted to stop the clearing with urgent applications.

The administrative court announced that there was no objection to the state environmental agency’s consideration of nature conservation issues. The clearing has continued on the site. According to the East Police Directorate, officers were on site to monitor the situation. At first, nothing was known about disturbances caused by demonstrators, a spokesman said.

Tesla plans to build a large factory in Grünheide and build electric cars there from next year. On Thursday, the Ministry of the Environment announced that the State Office for the Environment had given approval for the early start of clearing. The environmental approval process continues.

Tesla starts work “at your own risk”

In a first attempt, almost 92 hectares of the 155 hectare forest plot in Grünheide are to be cleared by the end of February. The rest of the trees should only be cut down when the breeding season in autumn is over.

The ministry made it clear that Tesla could start work “at your own risk”. According to the Forest Ministry, the investor would have to reforest appropriately if the project could not be approved. According to the ministry, there are also numerous requirements to protect the environment and the population during the work.

The purchase contract for the property was signed in mid-January. Tesla plans to start production in Grünheide next year.

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