Texas, the dog of one of the victims, finds himself without a master and at the SPA, “they took part in all our walks”

There are collateral victims that we don’t always think about…

Tuesday, September 20, the Carolingian region is in shock on learning of the brutal deaths of Delphine Kulcsar, professor at the College of the Sacred Heart, and Jean-Pierre Henskens, the latter’s companion. They were killed by Carl Manzanares, also a professor at the College, Delphine’s ex-companion.

This tragedy left a great emptiness in the hearts of many people, especially among the children of the victims. But the children are not the only ones who have lost a dad. Texas, the American Staff crossed by Jean-Pierre has also lost its master.

>> “They took part in all our walks”: La Louvière SPA explains the relationship between Jean-Pierre and Texas

>> Texas awaits his new family.

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