Texas trailer driver Air conditioner dies in container, kills 53 migrants

Texas trailer driver Air conditioner failure in container kills 53 migrants

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2 Jul. BBC Progress report on deaths of 53 migrants in tow truck containers Which was parked in San Antonio, Texas, United States on the evening of June 27 that Mr. Homero Zamorano, 45 years old, the driver of the tow truck said. I didn’t know the air conditioner stopped working.

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Federal court documents state that A government news anchor who works for the US Immigration and Customs. and the Texas State Police Informed officials that Zamorano and Christian Martinez, 28, were the accomplices. Talks after learning that the migrants have died.

Mr Martinez said The driver was unaware that the air conditioner was broken and was the reason the migrants died in the heat. The document added that The news line and Mr Martinez stood several meters apart. When having a conversation with Mr Zamorano

Loss of 46 migrants

Police and other first responders work the scene where officials say dozens of people have been found dead and multiple others were taken to hospitals with heat-related illnesses after a semitrailer containing suspected migrants was found, Monday, June 27, 2022, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Mr Zamorano and Mr Christian They are accused of sending messages about migrant smuggling operations before and after police found a tow truck where the migrants were killed. It was the worst human trafficking death ever in the United States.

Both could face the death penalty. If convicted of the death penalty for smuggling immigrants and conspiracy.

Two other people involved are Juan Claudio Deluna-Mendez. and Mr. Francisco Deluna-Bilbao both Mexican citizens Charged with possessing a firearm and staying in the United States illegally.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, Texas, began inspecting an 18-wheeler truck that had been abandoned in a residential area. It was just meters north of a 53-metre container trailer, and 13 migrants were found inside the second truck. And initially no one was seriously injured.

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