“Thai Election Results: Pro-Democracy Parties Take Lead, But Challenges Remain”

2023-05-14 20:33:34

The Thais inflicted a severe defeat on the military in power for almost a decade during the legislative elections, which propelled the two pro-democracy opposition parties, ready to negotiate to form a governing coalition, to the lead.

The Move Forward (“Go forward“), whose progressive rhetoric echoes the massive 2020 protests calling for a sweeping overhaul of the monarchy, is on course to become the main force in the next parliament. But, from tough lese crime law reform -majesty at the end of compulsory conscription, its program considered radical can create new tensions with the military-royalist elite.

In a kingdom where the interventions of the army and justice have often disrupted the democratic process, observers fear a scenario that would limit the expected alternation, to the benefit of the military. Millions of voters went to the polls for an election marked by the rejection of outgoing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha, who came to power after a coup in 2014, then legitimized in 2019 by controversial elections.

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