Thai stocks fall for 6 consecutive days, losing 74 points

2023-06-26 11:17:00

report from The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) revealed that the atmosphere of the Thai stock market yesterday (June 26, 2023), the index continued to decline. This is considered a 6-day consecutive drop since June 19, 2023, with the index opening at 1,559.39 points, resulting in the stock index falling by about 74 points from the current index at 1,485.32 points. Decrease 20.20 points, trading value 40,108.08 million baht, most of which were sold out continuously from foreign investors for 5 days (19-23 June 23), net selling 4,913.30 million baht, while institutional investors net selling 4,529.27 million baht.

The said decline is considered the index that has dropped below 1,500 points for the first time in 2 years and 5 months since the official period of January 2021. During the day, it dropped to a minimum of 21.60 points at the index of 1,483.92 points after on June 23, 2023, the index had dropped 1,500 points during the intraday movement. before investors return to buy Until making it possible to close the market at the index above 1,500 points, mainly due to Thai politics and the Fed’s interest rate hike

Mr. Paiboon Nalinthrangkun Chief Executive Officer TISCO Securities Co., Ltd. said that the decline in the stock market during this period Caused by political confidence that is not very high Because politics is not stable and is constantly changing. unpredictable This is normal for the capital market that cannot be confused. make a stop more clarity before investing

While in the Thai capital market, there was a problem in the case of Stark stocks. Even though the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) together with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and 9 related agencies jointly released a press release but believes that it can help build confidence to a certain extent This shows that the relevant agencies are not complacent. But in such matters, it depends on the action. due to work will take time and hope to help fill the loophole after this

In terms of foreign factors There is still the same problem that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will raise interest rates next month. causing foreign capital to flow continuously which after this In addition to following up on the Fed raising interest rates. May have to follow up on the US economy. The recession also made during the third quarter this not easy for investment at all.

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