Thanathorn Chumue, ‘Chatchat’ as governor, accepts progress, launches ‘Pattaya’ candidates slowly, making little campaign

Thanathorn welcomes ‘Chatchat’ forward and is willing to support the work. Accepting the launch of applicants. Pattaya is late.

On May 22, after the closure of the governor’s election chest Bangkok and Pattaya. By the election results of the Pattaya Mayor’s Stadium, No. 1 Beer Paramet from Rak Pattaya took 1st place, followed by Mr. Sinchai. Sathorn Culture No. 4

In this regard, the score of No. 3 Bob Kittisak Nilwattanatochai was ranked 3rd.

latest Mr. Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit progressive committee chair gave an interview through The Standard Regarding the aforementioned election, if looking at the beachfront district, this district, Kittisak, was ranked number 1 if looking at the polling station that went inside as a community area, won’t get the vote. after seeing the picture It may be a matter of environment, lifestyle, occupation.

“I must say Congratulations to No. 1 and No. 4 for scoring in Districts 1 and 2, which are the inner districts, meaning that both of you must have been working with the community for a long time.”

The work in the local field from now on. Thanathorn said There is no field left. The next field is the Provincial Administrative Organization election for another 3 years, which is the local field since the Provincial Administrative Organization, the Sub-district Administration Organization, the municipality and Bangkok, Pattaya. The front band would take another 2-3 years.

“Overall satisfied with the local stadium. When we started, we started 0, nothing. Until today, we have members of the PAO Council, Sub-District Administration Organization, Municipality. Looking at the base of the 2019 elections and the progressive committee, the score is very good. Some districts win.”

“I admit that local politics is not easy. Finding qualified applicants especially in Chonburi which has influence And there are many features that are ready to work. and change to be afraid of the influence fear affected Therefore, no one wants to come to work in politics. what is important is We were too slow to find candidates. So I can only campaign for more than 2 months if I have more time. should have good results.”

In addition, he also congratulated Mr. Chatchat that take this opportunity Congratulations to Mr. Chatchat If the work experience of the faculty progresses can do anything useful fully usable He is willing to support the work of local politics with Chatchart in Bangkok.

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