“Thank you for taking the photo with my pain”

Relatives of the miners what were left caught up after a mine collapse Sabinesin Coahuilacriticized the president’s visit Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to the area of ​​the accident.

The relatives of the miners assured that the president only went to “take a picture” and not to resolve the situation.

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In a video released by the media, a relative of a miner what do you say to the president López workshop: “thank you for taking the photo with my pain”.

“Mr. President: I thank you for the visit you came to make to this area where the pain is right now. I thank him that he came to take a photo with my pain, I hope that my photographs will serve him for his politics. Thank you for the visit that he came to pay us, ”said the woman.

@latinus_us “Thank you for coming to take a photo with my pain,” they claim AMLO for his visit to the Sabinas mine, Coahuila. #Latin #InformationForYou ♬ original sound – Latin

In other videos that they have shared, the president is seen trying to talk to relatives, but they reproach him for the lack of information and for forgetting the tragedy.

“Many tragedies have passed, a year or two and they are forgotten,” a woman complains to the president.

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The mandatary Lopez Obrador pointed out this Sunday that the priority is to rescue the ten miners who since Wednesday have been trapped in a mine in SabinesCoahuila, after a landslide and, later, justice will be sought.

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“First the rescue and don’t worry about the rest, there will be justice. We’re not going to forget, we’re going to help forever. Let’s go first to bailing outIt is what matters most to us, the rest is justice and there will be justice,” the president told the media after a visit to the site to supervise the rescue efforts.

Los miners remain incommunicado from Wednesday at 1:35 p.m. local time, when residents of Sabines reported the collapse of a coal mine in the community of the shellsin the place of Agujitawhere at least 383 members of rescue teams, between military and civilians, currently work.

Lopez Obrador He assured that technicians, medical specialists and psychologists will be at the site to support family members who are waiting in the vicinity of the mine for information on their loved ones, although he insisted that the most important thing is to get the trapped miners out.

Visit: AMLO arrives in Sabinas to supervise the rescue efforts of 10 trapped miners

“Now what matters is the rescue, it is what matters most to us, it is the most important thing of all, that it be as soon as possible, it is what matters most to me,” he said.

For his part, the state governor, Miguel Riquelmeassured that there is progress, but said that it was necessary to be careful to continue with the rescue work, although there are still no conditions for divers to enter the mine.

He affirmed that the water with the greatest volume is being extracted and that “the rescue operation is ready” so that as soon as the water levels drop, it will be possible to proceed to the bailing outwhich could start in the next few hours.

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With information from EFE

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