“That boys and girls do not abandon physical activity”

2023-09-02 09:30:00


Physical activity is one of the foundations of health in childhood and adolescence. Its promotion from an early age is key to the future well-being of children.

Jumping, running, bicycling, swimming and any other form of exercise are highly beneficial to children’s health, and last throughout their lives.

«In Argentina, the number of childhood obesity reaches around 41.1%. In August 2023, the Argentine Federation of Cardiology (FAC) joined a national campaign to raise awareness about the importance of reduce sedentary lifestyle in children and encourage the practice of physical activity“Says Sonia Costantini, a cardiology specialist.

Sonia visited the DIGO program that is broadcast from Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on RÍO NEGRO RADIO. Photo: Alexander Carnevale.

Experts consider that the physical and psychological health of children is intrinsically linked to regular physical activity. This is not only essential for their harmonious growth and development, but also establishes healthy lifestyle habits that contribute to preventing diseases and disabilities in adulthood. One of the most effective ways to encourage physical activity in children is through play, a recreational activity that promotes fun and movement.

With the growth of children, the practice of sports can be considered in specific places for this purpose, so the prescription of muscular strength exercises adapted to their maturation and growth is safe, effective and efficient, improving motor performance in children and adolescents.

of children and adolescents do not get enough daily exercise.

The WHO considers that In the world, 80% of children and adolescents do not get enough daily exercise, which can put your health at risk. Reducing a sedentary lifestyle and promoting the practice of sport favors development in childhood.

The promotion of physical activity not only contributes to preventing obesity, but also helps reduce high blood pressurearteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, dyslipidemia and sedentary lifestyle.


«The constant lack of physical activity can trigger health problems such as overweight and obesity and these consequences can last a lifetime«, indicates Costantini in dialogue with BLACK RIVER.

Professionals indicate that parents need to Promote and encourage physical activity in their children. This means for them to set limits on screen time, encourage children to participate in outdoor activities, and provide them with opportunities to engage in sports and active play.

Sometimes it is difficult for children to understand the importance of sport in their development during childhood, so the role of parents is of vital importance»

Sonia Costantini. Medical specialist in cardiology.

Proper nutrition is equally essential. A varied diet that is low in sugar and sodium is key to healthy development and the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases.

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«Incorporating a daily exercise routine in children promotes optimal physical and mental development, contributes to maintaining health and fosters healthy social relationships. It is during the development stage of children that the role of sport and physical activity takes on a fundamental role”, adds Costantini.

The choice of the right sport will depend on the age of the child and his preferences. For the little ones, activities that combine fun with the development of psychomotor skills, balance and coordination are the most appropriate.

As they approach adolescence they begin to develop more specific interests and can delve into more specialized training. However, it is essential that the boy or girl feel comfortable and enjoy the sport they choose.

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“I’m in I SAY for the commitment to bring knowledge and information closer to the community. It is important to know the statistics to begin to raise awareness about how we live, what we eat, how sedentary we are, and how we can modify our quality of life just by knowing disease prevention,” said Sonia.

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